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Monster Constructors is your one-call-does-it-all center for custom constructions.  Here, can-do meets quality

We created this company to meet the demand for a construction company that does many things and does many things well.  Once upon a time, it was easy to find a fully comprehensive construction company.  But, as technology progressed and the number of construction techniques increased, construction companies started using the "s" word: Specialization.  Their business model was to do one thing so that you do that one thing well.  So, in order to have a project done, you would have to hire a company for one aspect and another for a different aspect.  What a pain in the rump!  While the thought behind specialized companies was a good one, that each company will do that one thing correctly, this idea has been skewed in today's time when you cannot be sure your project will get done correctly, even by companies that claim to know their field! 

What we needed was a company that has the ability to not only do many things but to produce quality work in those many field, as well.  And along came Monster Constructors!  Our goal is to provide comprehensive construction services and high-quality work to our customers.  

Here's how we do it:

We agree with the notion that one individual could not possibly be good at every aspect of construction.  So, in order to create this company, we knew one thing had to happen; we had to bring in specialists to do each of these aspects.  These specialists have been working for and with Monster COnstructors exclusively, most of which started working with us from the very beginning in 2005.

So far, since our beginning in 2005, we have grown to include several specialists and divisions.  Here is a summary of some of the services we offer:

Because we offer so many specialties, we can combine techniques to create a masterpiece.  For example, care for a wood and iron gate capped with rock columns on each side?  What about a wood deck spilling onto a concrete patio?  Or, top those custom cabinets in the kitchen or outdoor grilling area with some beautiful and functional concrete countertops.

We are directly responsible for and confident in the workmanship that goes into your project. 


How to get on board...

With our in-house designer and skilled specialists in each area, you are guaranteed a project that will be great, from the initial planning to the construction process to the finished product.  

Step 1:  Give us a call or email.  We will set up a time to have our designer meet with you at the location of your project.  

Step 2:  Our designer will meet with you.  (S)he will discuss your wants and his ideas.  (S)he will come equipped with photos and brochures to give you additional ideas.  Once you have a vague idea of what you want, (s)he will take measurements, do some calculations, and give you an estimated cost of your project.

Step 3:  If you chose to proceed, give your designer a call or email.  Your designer will put you on our work schedule and tell you an estimated time-frame for your project.  Only one-third of the payment is due prior to starting your construction.  The other two-thirds of the payment will be collected once the project is completed and you are satisfied with our work.

Then, we will construct your project.  Your designer will introduce you to your project manager, who will be your contact throughout construction.


THINK GREEN.  We use recycled concrete in lieu of gravel as aggregate in our concrete.  It doesn't cost us any extra; thus, it doesn't cost you any extra.  As far as structure, the recycled concrete is just as strong as the gravel.  We do what we can to save the limited resources we have on earth.


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