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Decorative concrete is a great way to add curb appeal to your home.  There are many techniques with concrete that can be used to spruce up your patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even indoor flooring, so the decision process can seem daunting.  However, there are certain things to keep in mind while making the decision of going with decorative concrete, like whether or not you will need a new slab poured or have existing concrete in need of some beautification If you need assistance, please call us at 817-607-3215 or e-mail Mark.  Or, if you would rather, read through the following techniques of decorative concrete and decide for yourself the best process for your home improvement project.

Stamped Concrete

Because stamped concrete mimics the look of stones, rocks, bricks, tile, or even wood, stamping is a wonderful option.  This procedure entails stamping the realistic patterns into freshly poured concrete.  Of course, freshly poured concrete is required for this procedure.  Thus, stamped concrete is only suitable for new pours or overlays of existing concrete.  For true stamped concrete overlays, a minimum of two inches is needed for height increase.  We do offer another concrete-mimicking compound for a thinner overlay, but the durability is not quite like concrete (which nearly nothing is).  To add to your stamped concrete look, we allow unlimited color selection for no extra charge.  Also, we will not charge extra for specific stamped concrete patterns.  One price, unlimited possibilities. 

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Scored Concrete

Our unique custom scoring technique involves cutting a custom design or pattern into the set concrete with a diamond blade and, if desired, following up with a chisel to give the edges a rough look.  Or, if you want clean cuts, that can be done, as well.  If you or we can draw a pattern or design, we can cut it, guaranteed.  Our most common patterns for scored concrete include large blocks and large stones.  Our most common designs include Texas stars, Texas state outlines, and company logos.  Scoring can be applied to new pours or overlays with a rock or salt texture or to an existing patio for sheer design.  Add stain and color for a look that pops for your scored concrete.

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Stained Concrete

Staining is becoming a very popular choice for home improvement among home-owners.  Our acid stain concrete seeps 1/4 inches into the concrete to leave a permanent look with little to no fading.  Stained concrete can be used in combination with stamped concrete and scored concrete to add to the overall look or applied to existing concrete to add flare to a previously boring element.  Stain the foundation of your home to give your common areas a chic and easy-to-maintain flooring.

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If you are covering existing concrete and have very little room to raise that slab due to pool decking, doorways, etc., Decorative Concrete Overlays are a great alternative.  This polyurethane-based product finished just like true concrete; however, it only requires a one-quarter inch height increase.  Decorative Concrete Overlay can also be applied to sub-flooring given we deem the surface capable of handling it. 

If you are covering existing concrete and have height room to spare, we suggest adding a 2" minimum thickness of concrete.  And of course, decorative concrete is durable, beautiful, easy-to-maintain, unique...  ...  ...


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Worried about your sprinkler system when transforming your backyard?  We offer sprinkler system movement with our services.  We make irrigation one less hindrance between you and a beautiful patio.



What makes us different?

Meet "Godzilla," our newest monster and the pride of our company.  Godzilla is our concrete truck utilizing a volumetric mixer.  In other words, Godzilla is a mini-concrete plant held on one giant truck.  What does this mean to you?  It means that when we pour, our concrete is not mixed until we arrive at the job-site and are ready to pour.  While traditional concrete trucks can lead to pre-mature drying and unnecessary preservatives, which cause lower-quality end products and higher potential for cracking, Godzilla allows us to mix just the right mixture for the temperature, humidity, and pressure of that specific day and area.  Our concrete is not mixed in Dallas and poured in Saginaw, for example.  Plus, our concrete does not sit in a large, rotating barrel for hours in traffic, drying

Also, many competitors do not take the time at the end of the project to fully clean their messes.  We, on the other, have a meticulous clean-up checklist.

Plus, with colors, we have the capabilities to do multi-tonal coloring for your decorative concrete, a technique many companies will/can not offer.

Finally, THINK GREEN. We use recycled concrete in lieu of gravel.  We do what we can to preserve the resources we have.


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Keep in mind we do decorative concrete all over the DFW metroplex, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Carrollton, Denton, Grand Prairie, Azle, Bedford, Benbrook, Burleson, Colleyville, Coppell, Euless, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Haltom City, Highland Village, Hurst, Keller, Lewisville, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Southlake, University Park, Watauga, Weatherford, White Settlement, and surrounding towns and cities.  Curious if you are within our scope?  Contact us for your decorative concrete needs: Click Here.

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