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Especially in this area where weather is usually clear and warm and lot sizes are usually large, outdoor living has become almost a norm for many people.  In an attempt to use the outdoors as an extension of the home, we have come up with many features that make being outdoor enjoyable.  Why just barbeque outdoors when you can just build a whole kitchen?  And where will your guests stay while you cook that wonderful meal?  Under your pergola by the outdoor fireplace, of course, in eyeshot of the kids playing in the swimming pool.  Aside from the restrooms, there is no need to go inside at all! 

Outdoor Kitchens

There are many options for outdoor kitchens, just as there are for the indoor kitchen.  Since this trend is growing immensely, there are now many appliances that are made to withstand outdoor conditions now, from sinks and grills to trash compactors, warming drawers, and dishwashers.  Plus, choose from masonry, treated wood, or engineered plastics to act as cabinets, or a combination of various materials.  Either way, you're cookin'!

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Custom Shade Structures

So that you can enjoy your outdoor living areas all year round, shade structures are necessary to shield you and your guests from the hot Texas sun.  Whether it is a patio extension from your home or a free standing hip structure, any shade is appreciated when summer hits.  All of our shade structures are completely custom; no kits are used what so ever.  Plus, with the wide array of specialists in house, we can build it exactly to your specs. Also, we offer some unique roofing options like reed and grass.  Or, if you want to look like there is no roof but enjoy temperatures much lower than direct sun, as us about our poly roofing, available clear or in many tints.

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Wood & Composite Decking

There is no escaping the benefits of a wood or composite deck.  If the look wasn't enough, maybe the fact that your feet don't burn up might draw you to decking.  Just like everything else we do, we take pride in building high-quality and unique creations.

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Fire Pits and Fireplaces
Fireplaces are great indoors, and they are even better outdoors.  How often does it get chilly enough indoors to justify a roaring fire in the fireplace?  On the other hand, how many times would it be nice to have a warm fire outdoors.  If you are the grill master, you don't need warmth, but for guests and family members that are keeping you company, a spot to sit and stay warm would be greatly appreciated.  Or, here's an idea:  put an outdoor fireplace near your outdoor jacuzzi so the top half out of the water can be warm like the bottom half that is submerged in warm water.

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Pool Building and Renovation
Nothing is quite as invigorating as a dip in the pool on a hot, summer day or a plunge in the spa on a brisk, winter night.  Plus, no matter what other outdoor features you have, it seems like the action nearly always surrounds the swimming pool and spa.  Now that we have just adopted a pool builder into our team, we can offer professional pool building services with the friendly, quality Monster touch!

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Water Features
As we try more and more to set our home apart from others and make it a place to escape to after a long day at work or with the kids, the popularity of water features seem to have grown proportionally.  There is something magical but simple about water and the way it moves and flows.  Why not harness this wonder into a feature that demands attention as passers-by walk or drive past your home?  Or better yet, why not make a feature that you can relax with and enjoy day after day?

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