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Concrete Integral Color is produced and designed to be added to ready-mixed concrete as well as other cementitious materials to achieve a broad range of colors in architectural concrete. Suggested uses, but not limited to are Cast-In-Place, Slab-on-Grade, Pre-Cast, Tilt-Up, Concrete Pavers, and Roof Tiles.

Concrete Integral Color is a blend of synthetic iron Oxides, Normal Set Water-Reducing Admixtures, and Dispersing Agents to create an engineered product conforming to ASTM Standards C-979 and C-494 as they relate to ACI Concreting Practices for Architectural Concrete. Concrete Integral Colors are UV Resistant for colorfast, lime-proof, and air entrained for permanent color results for any architectural application.

Concrete Integral Colored Admixtures are packaged in disintegrating bags that contain the precise amount of product to accommodate any mix design set forth by a specific ready-mixed producer. The measurement system by which the admixture is introduced to the mixing drum is at one bag per cubic yard of concrete on board the ready-mixed truck. This process is to eliminate human error of having to weigh a precise quantity of colored admixture per pounds per sack of cement. Concrete Integral Colors are available in many standard colors and custom selections, which are produced for the customer at no additional charge with no minimum or maximum amounts required.

It is strongly suggested by the manufacturer to use the same raw materials supplier through out the entire project so as to eliminate the definite possibility of color deviation of the proposed architectural colored admixture. When batching readymix, the slump of the concrete should never exceed a 5” inch slump unless the use of a super-plastisizer has been incorporated by a ready-mixed company’s Quality Control department and approved by the color manufacturer for complete compatibility. It is very important to remain consistent with mix designs from truck-to-truck for color uniformity. Since the of water to concrete trucks is very common in the industry, it is very important to remember that excessive water is very detrimental to architectural concrete for two reasons: the compressive strength of the concrete can be compromised which would lead to many other negative results for a structure, and the color selection of the admixture will not produced the desired color per the design intent.
When the use of an accelerator arises for the purpose of Cold-Weather Concreting it is very important to remember that the use of a Non-Chloride based accelerator be used rather than a Calcium Chloride based because of the excessive amounts of calcium hydroxides or more commonly known as efflorescence, which will form at the surface to distort and discolor the desired effect.

Concrete Integral Colors should to be added to the ready-mixed trucks at the batch plants in the following manner:

First and foremost make sure that the trucks are in good condition, meaning the vehicles have adequate drum turning speed, mixing blades are sufficient to disperse the material, and that they are not contaminated from a previous jobsite.

Add approximately 40% of the mixing water and cementitious materials to the ready-mixed truck before the addition of Concrete Integral Color Admixtures.

Charge the drum for approximately 4-5 minutes, followed by the addition of the balance of cementitious materials, continuing to charge the drum for an additional 10 minutes or 120 revolutions if the trucks are equipped with a counter.

When using Concrete Integral Color, it is a very user friendly, value added product to introduce to the ready-mix drum unopened for a cleaner addition to the truck as well as the driver. However if a mix design has incorporated the use of pea gravel rather than ¾ or 1” aggregates, Do Not place bags unopened in the drum for mixing as they will not adequately disperse and dissolve. This is because the disintegrating bags rely on the size of the aggregates in the mix to break them down before the discharging of the colored admixture occurs.

When Placing Concrete Integral Colored Admixtures it is important to follow these suggested steps:

Always place architectural colored admixtures on a properly drained and adequate load bearing substrate.

Grade substrate so that the concrete is consistent and properly sloped to eliminate standing water. • Protect all surrounding structures, landscaping and adjacent areas prior to placement. • Consolidate and spade the forms during placement.

Vibrate or tamp the concrete, screed the surface, float to the specified grade and continue to the desired level.

When Finishing Concrete Integral Color Admixtures it is important to follow these suggested steps:

  When finishing Concrete Integral Colored Admixtures for interior installations make sure that all surfaces are textured adequately for slip resistance. (Note) Because of the sensitivity of the pigments used in the manufacturing process, over-troweling can cause discoloration and an undesirable affect.

For exterior installations, textures such as broom, rotary, swirl, sponge float, sandblasted or exposed aggregates are suggested.

Do Not add or sprinkle water on the concrete during finishing, as it will dilute the color selections intensity at the surface.
Do Not use inconsistent finishing practices when consolidating architectural concrete, as they will appear in the final product.

Always finish the edges first as they will tend to hydrate the fastest.

Do all final troweling in the same direction. CURING During the curing process, it is very important not to place materials such as burlap, water, plastic or wood. Contact with these types of products can and will cause serious irrepairable damage to the surface. As with any architectural installation, it is vitally important to follow ACI recommended curing practices or consult with the manufacturer of the product being installed for suggested safe procedures.

Eyes – Do Not rub eyes. Immediately flush thoroughly with water.
Skin – Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove affected clothing from the body.
Inhalation – Move to fresh air right away. If symptoms persist or develop, or if ingested, get medical attention without delay.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Purchase Concrete Integral Colors at Monster Constructors Store

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