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Dry Shake Concrete Color Hardener
Technical Bulletin

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DESCRIPTION: Color Hardener is a dry shake cemetitious product for creating colored
and hardened architectural concrete for interior and exterior new concrete flatwork.
Before using this product please read Concrete Colors Tech-Bulletin CC-100.00, The
Material Safety Data Sheets, Warranty, and this entire label.

COVERAGE: For most applications, the minimum coverage rate for standard colors is
60-90lbs/100sq.ft or 30-45kg. /10sq.meters. For commercial applications or creating a
custom sandblasted feature, a minimum coverage rate of 90lbs/100sq.ft. Or 45kg.
/10sq.meters is recommended. Colors such as white, pastels, and some custom colors
require higher minimum rates. When plastering vertical surfaces, the application rate is
approximately (80lb./100sq.ft.) or (40kg. /10sq.meter).

CONCRETE MIX DESIGN: The concrete mix design should be a minimum cement
content of 5.5 sacks/cu.yd. (517lbs/cu.yd.) or (306kg./cu.meter) and a minimum slump of
4 inches or (100/mm). All aggregates must be non-reactive. Do Not add calcium chloride
or admixtures containing calcium chloride. Use Air-Entraining and Water-Reducing
Admixtures as required.

CONCRETE INSTALLATION: Preparation to the sub-grade is essential to a
successful installation. Among the necessary steps are to make sure the sub-grade is
sufficiently drained from excess water, free from frost, and completely consolidated. Do
Not place concrete over standing water. After placement of the concrete, screed and
vibrate the surface, followed by the consolidation of the surface using a wooden bull float
to maintain an open surface and achieving the desired pitch of the surface per the design
intent. Do Not use metal floats or long-handled fresnos during the early placement of the
concrete, as they will close off the surface trapping the bleed water and causing a
detrimental affect to the concrete. Do Not finish trowel the surface as it must remain open
until after floating the final shake of color has been achieved.

COLOR HARDENER APPLICATION: First and foremost schedule an adequate
amount of qualified concrete finishers familiar with the placement of the product you are
installing. Protect all structures adjacent to the surface to be installed. Distribute all
bags of product around the perimeter of the plastic concrete consistent with the poundage
per square foot desired. Do Not apply color hardener at less than the minimum coverage
rates. Under normal conditions, make two applications (shakes) of color by broadcasting
two-thirds of the material for the first shake. Reserve one-third of each bag for areas that
may need additional material coverage. Do Not use color hardener to dry bleed water
from the surface. When bleed water has disappeared from the surface, apply the first
shake uniformly from the perimeter bags. Do Not broadcast the color hardener from
above the knee level or for more than a few feet. Use a bridge or mechanical spreader for
larger and wider installations. Dry shake and finish edges first as concrete will hydrate
from the exterior towards the center. Do Not sprinkle or otherwise add water to the
surface. Moisture should be allowed to migrate from the substrate. Apply applications 90
degrees to each other. Thoroughly wood or power float (using combo blades) the color
hardener into the surface after each shake. Steel trowel only after applying final shake.
Minimize hard troweling as the pigments are sensitive and can be trowel burned. Finish
all surfaces within the same time period after placement. Use ACI recommended
finishing practices. Texture all surfaces adequately and uniformly for slip resistance.
Upon plastering vertical surfaces, strip forms as soon as the concrete is self-supporting,
then mix the color hardener with water only, not cement, to a plaster consistency and
apply by trowel onto the newly removed surface.

CURING: Cure the concrete with ACI recommended products and practices. Read all
product Tech-Bulletins carefully before applications. If the surface is to be antiqued with
Concrete Colors Antiquing Release or applicated with Concrete Colors (ARS) Alkali
Reactive Chemical Stains for concrete products. Cure with non-staining, new and
unwrinkled kraft paper or simply water cure as it relates specifically to chemical stains.

ANTIQUING – For an antiqued appearance when imprinting with mat type tools, use
Concrete Colors Antiquing Release. Before using this product, please read the entire
label and the applicable Technical Bulletin.

• Contains Portland Cement and Silica (Quartz)
• Use with adequate ventilation. Wet Portland cement may cause alkali burns.
Use dust mask models (Niosh / MSHA TC 21C approved). The use of safety
goggles and gloves to avoid direct cement contact is recommended.

Eyes – Do Not rub eyes. Immediately flush thoroughly with water.
Skin – Wash thoroughly with soap and water. Remove affected clothing from the body.
Inhalation – Move to fresh air right away. If symptoms persist or develop, or if ingested, get medical attention without delay.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Purchase Concrete Color Hardener at Monster Constructors Store

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